Rosa Parks, the Story and Inspiration from 61 Years Ago.

As states, 61 years ago, on this day, Rosa Parks made a statement that has inspired millions in a way that she could have never imagined. She said “No” to a person trying to make her get up from her seat simply for her difference in skin color. She was black, he was white. She deserved a seat at the back of the bus and he deserved the one she was sitting in. This was his reasoning, but she didn’t see it that way. This simple act sparked the motivation in many to stand up for themselves and to defend their own rights as human beings to not be pushed around. Shown by, there is no other connection to use to truly show the strength behind this movement other than the film based solely on the woman herself, that film being The Rosa Parks Story form 2002. The film shows her struggles and of course the iconic moment being celebrated today.


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