District 9, Human Nature and Prejudice?

As foxnews.com puts it, there have been some issues with the rights, specifically voting rights, with illegal aliens recently. The issue is hot and very split as with any political debate. It’s hard to not compare this event in our recent days to that of the controversial movie District 9. As asubtleknife.com puts it, the film is simply about race, apartheid and as I take it immigration. The film is set in on earth when a group of aliens are forced to stop their shuttle above earth because of a malfunction, they are starving and dying. Humans aid them for a short time but in the end, separate them from the rest of us by putting them in districts and not allowing them to go into certain areas that humans go to. This really strikes with recent events revolving around illegals being given certain rights, whatever you believe in it should at least be acknowledged that these people deserve their human rights.


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