Selma, Has Anything Really Changed?

The 2014 film Selma, brought in major crowds for its views on the treatment of minorities, specifically in the recent history of the United States. The film sets around Dr. Martin Luther leading minorities, specifically African Americans, to fight against unfair treatment and an oppressed life style. The film was very accurate to the real events that unfolded, as puts it in an article, making the film that much more meaningful to its viewers. The film Selma, really should have an effect on its viewers. The unjust and brutal treatment of our very own countrymen and women because of their difference in skin tone was a terrible part of American history, but some believe that the lesson still hasn’t been learned by most Americans. As puts it, the United States has a big race issue. America is still a battle ground of unfair treatment and hatred when it comes to race, look at the issues revolving around police and white privilege. Whatever your beliefs are, it is obvious that there needs to be something done to ensure that we, Americans, continue to live and love together, despite skin color.


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