Waterworld, the Future of Earth?

The 1995 action and adventure film Water World is set in a future world of man kinds mistakes. The earth is completely flooded from glaciers melting due to global warming. The people left on earth are wanderers on a vast ocean they weren’t made to live on. Most of humanity is gone but some have survived and created settlements or raiding groups. The film has an interesting take on the apocalypse and it not being nuclear war as projected by many other movies. But the film has some serious warnings behind it for those who pay attention. Global warming is no joke, according to sciencedaily.com, 2016 could be the hottest year every recorded. Global warming is a growing issue due to the use of fossil fuels by humans. With our newest elected president, action could potentially not be taken to reduce the amount of fossil fuels burnt though. As explained by usatoday.com, China just stated that global warming was in fact not made up by China to scare people. Hopefully people can get this through to our soon to be president, or we could potentially find ourselves in a world on its way to being covered in water.


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