Contagion, the Real Threat to Humanity?

The 2011 film, Contagion, really sets the standards for how horrifying a disease can be, whether that’s a viral or bacterial disease. The film takes place in a modern world in which a new super virus is introduced to the human population. The super virus ravages through millions upon millions of people, killing them usually within just a few days of experiencing symptoms. The death is gruesome and the disease is highly contagious, making it terrifying. With no cure, the human race seems doomed at times though the rush for a cure/vaccination is continued. puts it bluntly, but truthfully, antibiotic resistance is a growing threat to mankind. Antibiotic resistance is an evolutionary process when bacteria, that cause infection, become resistant to antibiotics. This is a growing threat due to people overusing antibiotics, thus giving bacteria more of a chance to evolve and adapt. Another issue with antibiotic resistance is that people do not finish their dosage. When given 24 tablets, a person may take 20 and decide they feel better, this is a huge issue considering that not all bacteria are dead thus leaving some behind that will reproduce and have a stronger resistance to the antibiotic used. goes into just how serious this issue is. A projected 10,000,000 people could die annually from antibiotic resistance bacteria. This is a dormant threat that will lead to millions of deaths that we cannot control; it is only a matter of time before we find ourselves in a situation like the film Contagion predicts. Unless we get this situation under control and only use antibiotics in responsible manners.


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