Red Dawn, a Take on WWIII Today?

Red Dawn, the 1984 classic war movie has been a favorite to many people. The film is enjoyable and action packed in a lot of good ways. Red Dawn takes place in an America that was invaded by Russian forces during the dawn of World War III. Americas military is being pushed back and all seems lost to the American people being held in camps. But a young group of teens pick up weapons and fight against the Russian forces through guerrilla tactics.  The film can connect to modern news in an important way, World War III, specifically with Russia. As stated by, “Russia is preparing for nuclear war.” Not only are they preparing their civilians; but Russia is preparing an offensive strategy as well. states that “Russia has pulled out of a nuclear-nonproliferation agreement with the US, citing “unfriendly acts” by America.” As puts it, Russia is using Cold War tactics by placing nuclear weapons in closer regions to the United States. This isn’t an invasion as pictured by Red Dawn, its actually worse considering that the use of nuclear weapons would kill far more people and in the matter of minutes. Maybe viewers should take a hint from the film, Russia could strike first after all.


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