Total Recall, Technology We Should Explore?

The 1990 film Total Recall has sparked the imagination in thousands of its viewers throughout the years of it existing. Total Recall is set in the distant future of mankind, instead of going on vacation or exploring with your family, a simple person can go to a “Rekall” machine and live their deepest fantasies. This machine implants memories into your head and lets you live out anything you could ever imagine. The film shows a man using a “Rekall” machine, only to be awoken on the same chair he was placed in with memories of what he believes to be the truth. His memory was wiped and he is a very powerful agent for an organization fighting tyranny. The film is action packed and very interesting to delve into. A very interesting idea to delve into according to, is the theory that everything that occurred in the dream was a product of “Rekall”. The protagonist never really did anything; he was just another user that got his new memory. So, what is the issue with this? According to, the technology shown in the film is not that far off. So, the true question is how dangerous and moral the idea of using “Rekall” is. With growing technology rates that aren’t showing any slowing down maybe we should start to consider just how dangerous some things could be, people could lose all other memories, be truly disabled for the rest of their lives due to events like the theory based around the movie and people could become “Rekall” addicted. So maybe we should take some words of advice from the film and take things like implemented intelligence very slowly.


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