Fury, The Truth About War. No Heroes.

Saying the 2014 film Fury is violent would be an understatement. Fury is a grueling, bloody, sickening yet incredibly well written and fascinating war movie with great insight. In short the film takes place in Germany during WWII with a tank and its crew. They are on the front lines of the war and are determined to kill any anybody they see to survive and end it. The film takes on some different ideas other than just excitement with violence and killing the enemy. The film delves into the horrors of war and how it leaves men scarred or dead according to relevantmagzine.com. This should not be taken lightly. So many people today don’t understand the true horrors of war, the truth behind how breaking it truly is. According to ptsd.va.gov, PTSD should not be taken lightly. The effects on our soldiers even today are terrible and prove a real threat to our people. The truth behind war is clearly shown in the film Fury, war isn’t full of unstoppable heroes and it most certainly isn’t just bad. People die in war, millions of people and its more than bad, its horrid.


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