No Country for Old Men, Drug Warfare.

No Country for Old Men, a popular western style takes on organized crime, especially drug crime. No Country for Old Men takes place in the back country deserts of Texas in 1980. A man comes across a scene of around 30 dead gang members at a bad drug deal spot. The man finds a brief case with at least a million in cash, so he does what any man living in poverty would do, he takes it. He realizes that his life is now changed and he can live without worry of money ever again. What he doesn’t realize is that a tracker was in the brief case and that the world’s deadliest hitman is now on his tracks. (Spoilers ahead). The film takes a different turn towards the end of the film, instead of the man and his hunter facing off to the death, the man is killed by a group of cartel thugs in his apartment. The death is quick and completely unexpected one, leaving the audience feeling empty. This is the reality of drug warfare though. As shown by an article from The Economist, drug warfare especially on the border is very dangerous. There are no heroes when it comes to these affairs. Instead there are only dead people and violence as shown by the film. An article from The Frontline goes into depth on this drug war issue. Nearly 20,000 people died last year alone from this ordeal. This must be stopped or at least looked into more, or certain death for thousands more is coming.


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