Carr, Please Stop Checking Your Phone. The Matrix?

An article by David Carr from The New York Times discussed the issues of modern technology. The article specifically spoke of the disturbing issues of attention in individuals while speaking or simply going about their everyday lives. Carr talks about the issue in depth, he speaks of how annoying it is to try an even have a normal conversation with a stranger these days. It’s almost guaranteed that the person will pull out his or her phone and check it while speaking with you. The crazy part is that they don’t even realize it. It has become a huge habit and to be fair, we all most likely do it. It’s almost natural for us now, we seem to really rely on our new handheld devices and can’t seem to think of the idea of not being connected with the world. An article by The Huffington Post shows some of the dangers of letting technology get to you through films. An example is The Matrix. We see how truly dependent humans are on technology throughout the film and to be frank, it scares us. Now I am not saying that the world will be taken over by machines and that we will be harvested for battery life… but we could at least take a warning from the film that perhaps we abuse technology with our reliance. Just keep that in mind and try to refrain from checking that phone every chance you get.


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