A Time to Kill, Racism and Parenthood.

A Time to Kill, a controversial film made in 1996 tells the story of a father who kills two men for raping and attempting to hang his 10-year-old daughter. The reason behind their actions were simple to understand, they were racist sick men, and the young girl was African American. According to Novelguide.com The film A Time to Kill tries to tackle some critical points throughout the film such as racism and human nature. But one of the strongest points throughout the film according to MirandaReviews.org was the point of parenthood or fatherhood. The father of this young girl who is prosecuted is named Carl Lee Hailey. After considering his options, Carl decides that he must kill the two men who raped his daughter, so he goes to the court house and shoots them both. Carl feels some regret, he regrets that they did that to his daughter which forced him to kill them, but he does not regret that they are dead now. This brings about a very important point on parenthood, it is very misunderstood in some ways. Sometimes a parent must do something, there is no option but only instinct that takes over and naturally carries out what they do. Overall the film has an incredibly powerful message in the end and redeems humanity, but the real world isn’t always like that. This films idea of parenthood could connect with recent events with police brutality. The parents of these victims on either side are left scarred and without a child. What do you think some of their next moves will be? That is the scary part about these recent situations and just another reason this needs to be under control, if not, it is almost certain that a parent of these victims will eventually snap and will have no other choice but to do exactly what Carl did.


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