Terminator, Deep Meaning and Possible Warning?

The popular 1984 film Terminator has left an impact on the movie industry. But what about the film has made it stick out and should the films warnings be taken seriously? According to an article by Mark Lee, an expert on the Terminator universe, the first movie is a much deeper movie if you take the time to take it in. There are many symbols and deep pieces of meaning spread throughout like Sarah Connors symbolism of motherhood and strength. Another symbol seen in the film Terminator is the fight between free will and destiny. If you think critically about the film a question can arise, does Sarah or any other character shown in the film have any true power over what’s going on? Or are they simply puppets to fate. There is one more symbol that is strongly represented by the film that I would like to talk about more, that being the question of where do we draw the line with technology? In the film a humanoid robot with super strength, resistance and determination is followed and shown slaughtering innocent people. This is the Terminator, specifically a T-800 and it is the product of human technology. The people of this not so different universe created their very demise. So the big question that is trending and is discussed in an article by psychalive.com is, are we? That’s the power of this film, it brings about a question that is incredibly relevant in our society, just look at how far technology has come since this film was made, especially in the aspects of warfare. Are we going too far with technology? Maybe we should step back and take a look every once in a while, if not, we could eventually create our own end.


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