Star Wars Takes on Terrorism?

Star Wars, a film franchise that brings about crazy fans and now over seven movies. The most recent film brought in billions, overall Star Wars is a worldwide known and loved film franchise especially the original trilogy, episodes IV, V and VI. The recent trend revolving around Star Wars recently is actually quite interesting. That trend revolves around a question, is the Rebel Alliance actually a terrorist group? Some interesting points have actually been brought up recently especially in an article by the Los Angeles Times. One of these arguments revolved around the point of the destruction of the second Death Star as seen in the film Return of the Jedi. The argument brought up the point that the Death Star was still under construction and would have had thousands of innocent builders working on it, so does that mean the Rebels are responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent individuals? Does this make them terrorists? After all they share common struggles with modern “rebel” groups across the world seen as terrorists such as groups feeling oppressed and fighting a powerful governing force that outmatches them on almost every level. Not to mention everyone that is ever fighting, especially with the name “rebel” believes they are fighting for something good, so is the Rebel Alliance any different? In short, yes, they are. Though the argument is fun and interesting to look at, is easy to see that the First Galactic Empire was a much stronger candidate for the term evil  as shown by, an example of this would be the use of the first Death Star to destroy Alderaan. The order was given to kill billions of innocent people with the destruction of their planet simply because they felt like they should. But keep this case in mind and maybe even connect it to modern groups, maybe some are misunderstood or maybe they aren’t misunderstood at all and they’re really murderers, the line for this kind of argument is blurry and it always will be.


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