The Hobbit, Good or Bad?

The recent installments to J.R.R. Tolkien’s universe, The Hobbit films, have gotten a ton of bad jabs in the past years. My question is why? What could have made these films bad? The three films before The Hobbit films known as The Lord of the Rings got incredible viewings and incredible love so why not the new installments? Here is the greatest reason why the newer films didn’t do as well. According to an article by The Verge, The Hobbit was made almost on the spot. Of course they had the novel to use but there was not much planning done before hand to ensure this movie would be assorted well. This explains why The Lord of the Rings is taken so much better, the previous films were planned out for years before actually even taking steps to production and according to took an astounding 274 days to film, ensuring that they were assorted very well. The planning got so bad that at the climax of the third film during the final battle Peter Jackson had no actual plan, it was pretty much a bunch of people waving weapons in the air while in costume at one point. So how can we connect this much disliked film to the real world or current events? Let’s look at our current presidential candidates. Firstly, it’s safe to say that a lot of people would take older presidents or our previous president over any of the new candidates, making the new candidates much like The Hobbit. Not only are the newer installments on both sides disliked widely but they are also comparable in a way that shows both have no actual plan or were never really planned out to uphold the future of the United States or the future films in the series. Either way it is safe to say that The Hobbit would need a lot more work to be seen as an exceptional film, just as our presidential candidates need.


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