The Dark Knight, Greatest Super Hero Movie Ever With Meaning?

The 2008 film, The Dark Knight, has certainly made an impact on the super hero movie business since it was released and is even said to be the greatest super hero movie of all time. So why is this film so highly praised? As stated in an article by Michael Walsh “The movie is relentless.” meaning that it is non-stop action and the action is perfectly spaced, making it feel like its not being pushed onto the audience. From the beginning of the film showing us a group of suited up clowns performing a bank heist to Batman fighting the Joker on the top of a building, it is safe to say that the film brings great action that is executed very well. Another aspect of the film The Dark Knight that makes it so great is non-other than its leading villain, Heath Ledger as the Joker. The character known as the Joker may be what makes this film so fantastic. The execution by Ledger is incredible and makes it hard to understand the villain, all we know is that he is crazy, in our eyes, and will do anything to ruin Gotham. We can connect the role of the Joker himself to modern events as well. So what makes the Joker so terrifying in this film? According to its his motives that are not understandable, this is what strikes fear into the viewer. We have no idea what this common enemy of man desires or why he kills, we just know that he does, just like a group known as ISIS. ISIS is a modern and real version of the Joker to Americans. Most Americans have no idea what this group wants or why they fight and kill, most of us will never know why, making them a spark of fear just like The Dark Knights Joker.


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