“Generation Wuss” Does JD Vance Contradict Everything Brian Easton Ellis Stands For On This Generation?

After analyzing Generation Wuss by Bret Easton Ellis, a lot of things become easy to see. Is my generation over dramatic and easily offended? Yes. Are they reliant on good feedback to the point of always needing it and at the first taste of bad feedback they curl up into a ball? Well that varies from person to person but generally yes, as seen through social media. There are a good amount of people in this generation that contradict this popular set of attitudes associated with my generation though. Those people are usually the ones brought up by parents who understand the need to toughen their children up or the kids like JD Vance who were brought up in poor homes and had to learn one way or another. JD Vance completely contradicts the idea of generation wuss. Being born into nothing and coming out with everything is the opposite of what Ellis talks about. People like JD Vance were not born into smothering homes where parents were over protective and too caring, they were raised in a way to ensure they know the hardships of life and understand the world doesn’t revolve around them and their feelings.


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